Separation of Church and State  

The founders of this country never meant government to be involved in, or supportive of, any particular church, rather that it should operate on Judaeo-Christian principles.  Our founding fathers frequently felt the need for guidance from the Lord and often sought Him in prayer.  Their letters, their documents and their speeches indicate a firm dependence on the God of Heaven.  They did not intend to establish any church as a state church.

Did you know that the Capitol building was the site of Sunday worship services for many years?  That's how firmly our founding fathers believed in God and in Christ!

Likewise, the concept of prayer in the schools does not imply that the schools would have a rote prayer, but that those who wish may take a minute at the start of the day to offer a personal silent prayer, each after his or her own manner of doing so.

Since Christianity actually includes many of the concepts of Judaism, Christians accept the Old Testament which is essentially the basis of Jewish scripture.  So we are a nation based on Judaeo-Christian principles, including the Ten Commandments, and this is the foundation that has made our nation great.

The thing we have most to fear is our own rejection of those basic principles given by God, and the substitution of flawed concepts from those who'd have us reject or redefine such sacred things as marriage between a man and woman.

God's eternal principles do not change!  We must especially speak out and stand for truth and right - while we still have the freedom to do so!


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